A Massachusetts Certified Woman Owned Business (WBE)


To be the change we want to see as a leader in the cannabis industry, through positive business practices and productization utilizing organic cultivation techniques, sustainable manufacturing process’, and creating a health-conscious, boutique lifestyle brand that produces high-end luxury cannabis products with a portfolio consisting of multiple delivery and use methods. Solidifying our brand, “Tree Star”, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a responsible operator will translate into strong profit margins while maintaining a strategic brand position to consumers and contributing directly to the communities in which we are established and in which we directly impact.


To create a “Best-in-Class” Cannabis Organization that shifts the social perspective of the Cannabis culture from fear-based consciousness to a holistic health-conscious culture to be accepted and enjoyed by consumers of all walks of life. Through strong business ethics, and strategic branding methods, Royalty Group intends to create high-end luxury cannabis products specific to market demands that deliver superior ROI’S to investors along with providing a next-level Cannabis Retail experience that sets the tone for this new and emerging industry.

About Royalty Group

Royalty Group was formed from the vision of creating an organization that is known as a “best-in class” cannabis company, based in the heart of the emerging cannabis industry, including scientific research and development. Our vision, mission and purpose in the cannabis industry is to form an organization that will provide high quality, safe and specifically designed products for those looking for an alternative choice in adult use of cannabis or for a better quality of life if needing it for medicinal purposes.

Our cannabis facilities will be designed to be in compliance with FDA, ISO and OSHA regulations, so to be able to provide a safe, clean, non-toxic processing environment to our quality products to the industry. Our vision encompasses cultivation, processing, manufacturing, scientific R&D, state of the art in house testing, educational programs and retail sales of our products covering all types of products in the industry.

The organization is a collaboration of people who share the core value of making a difference in people’s lives, creating products that will help contribute to the greater good of the industry as a whole. The team and all the partners involved in the structure of the organization, have specific skill sets and are involved to maximize these skills and implement them in this industry towards innovative work. From scientists, to the cultivators, to geneticists, to the C-Suite, to the facilities personnel and employees, everyone has a specific role that will be the foundation of the organization and provide value to the industry and hold our place in it. We are creating an organization that has an energy and flow for all those involved that share the same vision and the more successful we are, the more the greater good is served.

We are an honest, transparent, competent, inspiring and forward-thinking company on this venture and we are creating an organization that is above average while creating an opportunity for those who believe in cannabis as an alternative to other forms of recreational activities and also recognize the benefits of cannabis as medicine. The organization will be a business with a conscience and emotional intelligence that will be structured to significantly contribute to the business side of the industry and creating a new standard of operations for longevity in the years to come, as this new industry changes and grows. We are a community driven organization whose operations will encompass goodwill agreements, educational opportunities and the creation of jobs, giving us a chance to be one of the industry’s leading companies.

We see ourselves as a future mass producer of craft and artisan cannabis products with branded specific product creations. These products will be our own in house designed and developed products, as well as collaborations with other organizations who have products we find of value and would want to add to our quality products and distribute to our adult-use consumers and medical customers.