Founded in 2014, Royalty Group LLC, a certified woman-owned business, and its Team, have been hard at work for over five years, preparing to apply for licensure as a for profit cannabis organization in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Made up of local residents from the areas, and communities in which they will be conducting business, Royalty Group represents a new kind of cannabis organization with a unique model and vision. Royalty Group and its Team will be the kind of cannabis organization that is focused on the people who make up the company, especially its employees, and who are a community driven organization that seeks to better the municipalities in which we conduct our businesses in. Our operations will deliver positive working environments and employment opportunities that people will feel good about and want to grow and learn with, while offering high paying positions with benefits, as well as providing the communities we do business in, goodwill agreements, educational program contributions and helping build stronger municipality infrastructures.

Royalty Group has a long-term goal focus on creating an innovative cultivation, manufacturing and processing facility, specializing in high end craft artisan type, specialty cannabis strains for the everyday consumers and strains specifically for the medical uses. We will be an organization whose goal is to hold two adult-use and one medical cannabis retail licenses, one cultivation, one processing and manufacturing, and one on-site consumption lounge license (in collaboration with an EE Team Member).

Royalty Group LLC is a woman owned business, a single owner license holder in Massachusetts, supported by a core Team of specialists with individual polished skill sets, including consultants specializing in cannabis industry fundamentals, finance, law and politics, cultivation experts, business executives from diverse industries and each team member involved holds specific values that they bring to the table. Our strong Team has made it possible for us to form our organization as an industry leading, talented, value-based, competent, and forward-thinking company, focused on pioneering an organization that goes beyond industry standards in employment, production, formulation, and consumer products, and all by collaborating with the industries best. We hold the vision of creating a “best-in-class” company that seeks to produce and sell the highest quality cannabinoid-based products by collaboration with the industry’s best experts in their fields, utilizing clean, efficient and verified technologies available in the cannabis market and also having a future focus on developing medicinal cannabis products. Once established and operational, we seek to further science, technology, and education surrounding cannabis-based products, therapies and applications, while contributing to solutions for the cancer and opioid epidemics that have presented in our society today.

Royalty Group LLC is a Massachusetts for profit business that will be a state-licensed retailer to adult consumers over the age of 21 and registered medical patients, a cultivator and manufacturer of cannabis-containing products, structured following the laws and guidelines governed by the state of Massachusetts and the hosting municipalities. Our team mission is to create and build quality retail outlets that provide a holistic, boutique lifestyle experience that includes hands on retail assistance and a high-speed “brick & click” retail model in the newly emerging industry of adult-use cannabis, for the consumer that knows what they want and for pre-ordered online product pick-ups. Our retail stores will carry a combination of our high-end craft cannabis strains and craft designed products, as well as Equity Empowerment produced products, which will be one of the key components in pioneering the industry and offering customers a long-term relationship with our Tree Star brand.

Royalty Group knows that creating a retail and production business model, means going above and beyond, and focus will be on quality, not quantity of mass-produced products. Understanding this difference will help build the foundation for continued business success as the industry grows and expands. The Tree Star brand will be one that people recognize as a consumer focused and industry leader in the years ahead as we build relationships with our customer base, that we create from day one. We anticipate keeping a high market value and will be preparing for sales goals of over $20 million a year over the next 5 years, and will be working towards pioneering our new industry for many years to come.

As an emerging company, pioneering development and creation in a new industry, we have the unique opportunity of changing the workplace culture and creating an organization that focuses on employees and their needs, cannabis consumer needs and the needs of the communities we operate in. We understand the value of people, how they should be treated and how their being part of the organization is crucial to its success. We understand and consider the impact this type of business can have on a community, both positive and negatively, and how we can create meaningful changes that tip the scale to more of the positive. Royalty Group’s vision and mission are in building an organization that challenges other companies to consider how they operate and see that caring about the people who work with you and the communities one operates in, should always be part of its top priorities. We at Royalty Group envision creating environments where the company, the industry’s best, the people, the community, and the customers can all benefit from our innovative, conscious, authentic and higher purpose actions, as well as making significant profits for all those involved.


Royalty Group is comprised of a multifaceted group of professionals whom are dedicated to creating a company that is fully emerged in the cannabis industry and all that it has to offer not only the company, but the consumers who are looking for high quality, safe products.

Current and acquiring members of the organization consist of C-Suite seats, Master Cultivators, scientists of different types, plant genetics specialist, security specialists team, quality and compliance control specialists, heads of businesses and industry experts within their fields.

As an emerging company in a new industry, we have the opportunity of changing the workplace culture and creating an organization that focuses on cannabis consumer needs, as well as the needs of the communities we operate in. We understand the value of people and the impact a business can have in their communities and in the world. We are creating environments where the company, the industry’s best, the people, the community, and the customers can all thrive. Royalty Group is innovative, conscious, authentic, and has a higher purpose above making a profit. We aim to change the cannabis industry and greater world, one operation at a time.


Important keys to our company’s success within the cannabis industry include:

  • FLEXIBILITY – Royalty Group has a vision, will work towards the vision, but will not be constrained by the vision. In a fluctuating industry like the cannabis industry, it is often necessary to alter or scrap structured goals in favor of goals that comply with updated regulations and other new issues.  Royalty Group is flexible. We acknowledge, revise, adapt, and persevere.

  • THE ENTERPRISE COMMITMENT – We are continuously engaging in effective group decision-making processes and implementation based on the latest information available.  Our team is focused on the best interests of the overall organization and will always put Royalty Group above any members’ own personal interests.

  • SEIZING OPPORTUNITIES – Royalty Group is committed to focusing on new segments of the market that are just emerging, including new business models only possible after regulations are changed.  For example, adding on-site consumption lounges to our portfolio, as well as delivery services, utilizing Team members who hold the Economic Empowerment and Social Equity statuses in the Commonwealth, which is a required status in order to engage in either of those business types.

  • KNOWLEDGE – Our relationships with local advocacy organizations ensures we remain up to date on the latest industry news and information.  Whether changes are happening to local zoning rules, state, or federal laws, our organization is both aware and actively trying to ensure sensibility in the development of rules and regulations governing the cannabis industry. The Royalty Group Team prides itself on being in attendance at as many of the National and Local industry conferences, seminars and networking collectives they can, gaining the latest insight and knowledge in where the industry is at and staying on the front lines of change.

  • CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – Positioning the company as a responsible business and member of the communities in which we reside, is one of our top priorities and passions.  In order to do so, it is necessary to develop close working relationships with civic, business, and government leaders and their staff and incorporate programs of education and support.  Royalty Group will be involved in the communities of Tyngsborough MA and Boston MA, contributing to the non-profit organizations in those municipalities, as well as finding ways to add any additional positive impacts to where we are operating.

  • PLAN OF ACTION – Developing clear-cut and realistic business plans will ensure that the members of the company maintain the ability to evolve along with the business plan. Highly detailed planning and execution is critical.  We will put in place the staffing, training and infrastructure required to produce and sell safe, high-quality consumer products. Moreover, we will apply industry best practices for adult use and medical cannabis operations.

  • TRANSPARENCY – Business dealings and financials, especially cash flow, must be well planned and managed, and kept to high standards that commensurate our visibility, transparency, and credibility within the industry.  We hold our business dealings in the highest regard to integrity and being accountable for our actions as we operate.

  • TEAMWORK – Royalty Group’s core foundation was built on Teamwork and will continue to operate throughout its lifespan having an organizational culture that revolves around the members of the Team.  Our Teamwork will encompass working in conjunction with industry analysts, specialists, consultants, and state agencies to maintain industry best practices.

  • ORGANIZATION CULTURE Our foundation of culture will be built on emotional intelligence and leadership. All members and employees will be encouraged to be their best and the organization will empower them through regular communication activities about the strategies, goals and measures that support positive involvement, safety and the related behavior that must exist in order for the organization to operate to its best abilities.  This culture will reach deep into the organization to confirm there is meaningful workplace behavior in changes and challenges.  Feedback and prioritization will be used to refine improvement plans so employees feel a part of the vision and end results of what the organization puts out to market.

  • There will be specific approaches with long service employees to confirm meaningful change is taking place and new employees to confirm there is total clarity around expected behaviors and job requirements from day one.  All employees will be involved in coached training in some form so they know how to interact with each other effectively to support the organization, each other and contribute to the culture they are a part of.  This is not top-down coaching but “collegian coaching” that moves in all directions (up, down and across the organization).  Leadership development and succession development programs will be overhauled to focus on expected behaviors and 360-degree feedback people “acting on what they know” which is the hallmark of an effective, successful business culture.


A brand is an ongoing experience and concept that customers associate with a company. Consumers demand a tangible, relatable and value-driven experience with cannabis companies and the products they provide. How our business will meet demand is a key factor in building the Tree Star brand. Brand and product success require a great deal more work than most companies realize. Brand and product success require a dedication of the leadership and the staff to ensure the brand is consistent and aligned across all touch-points customers have with Royalty Group, Tree Star.  This includes:

  • Packaging

  • Social Media Channels

  • Advertising

  • Public Relations/Publicity

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Customer Service

  • Thought Leadership

Royalty Group products will be made with the highest quality ingredients using the highest quality testing methods both in house and through outside certified labs.  Our products will be proprietary as well as combined efforts with other industry leaders of products that utilize corporate licensing agreements to include other dispensary products once allowable by law.

Our products will be specially grown and formulated for the best in consumer offerings as our team of specialists will focus on creating new and innovative options in both markets and allow for us to have continued growth in this industry.