Our team is comprised of a unique group of professionals whom are dedicated to operating the organization with forward thinking work ethics and business culture, with consideration of the industries skill specific professionals to be contributors to our operations, all while integrating our processes with the best in the industry, such as specialists in retail, growers, producers and manufacturers. Royalty Group will be collaborating with specific individuals, such as Economic Empowerment license holders and persons of Social Equity status, allowing Royalty Group the best opportunity in providing the highest quality products, positive retail experiences, and memorable customer service to cannabis consumers. We will strive to enhance the lives of our consumers, providing quality, safe products to adult-use recreational consumers for general consumption, as well as providing medicinal designed products for medical applications.


Andrea Pearce started Royalty Group LLC as a leading woman entrepreneur in new business development for the cannabis industry within the state of MA. In 2014, Ms. Pearce began her cannabis industry mission and started managing strategic planning for the organization, including development of the management company by structuring the core team members and positioning them for best clarification of objectives within their departments, coordinating the management and planning teams, and continuing with achieving implementation of plans and licensing.
While running all the company’s needs, Ms. Pearce has built a great relationship with the Town of Tyngsborough, being a lifelong neighboring resident in NH and in the City of Boston over the past 16 years operating businesses there in. Given the title of Neighborhood Liaison to oversee the neighborhood businesses, and on a regular basis facilitating and coordinated with City officials, City Hall, Boston Transportation Dept., Public Works Dept., Boston ISD, Boston Fire Department and coordinating any city permits, licenses, special events and general business dealings and needs within her own companies or the corporation’s in the business neighborhood.
Ms. Pearce holds an Associates in Computer Science and a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Organizational Leadership. Other cannabis related education includes graduate of Northeastern Institute of Cannabis, attendee of NECANN annually, National Cannabis Business Summit, Cannabis Business Executive Conferences and attends many of the offered industry learning programs. Local organizations Ms. Pearce is involved with include, Cannabis Society, Northeastern Coalition of Cannabis and MPAA.

  • 15 years corporate operations and compliance experience, including holding titles of Director of Operations and Chief Operating Officer.
  • 15 years experience in managing corporate finances and accounts.
  • 15 years entertainment industry operating experience.
  • 15 years managerial experience ranging from project management, operations management, business strategy implementation, business structures and foundations for continuous flow of business dealings with employees, business contacts, vendors and customers.