Tree Star Artisan Holistic Lifestyle Brand

The Royalty Group team has successfully acquired, and achieved municipal support or are presenting for support, for three separate retail locations, including those in this portfolio. Royalty Group, was established in 2014, is an official Woman Owned Business (WBE) in Massachusetts and has earned a reputation as an interesting and innovative lifestyle brand to watch in the local Massachusetts cannabis industry. We are branding our Tree Star name as an artisan, holistic, positive energy lifestyle brand, which will bring an added connection to the consumer to our products for which they will choose over other mainstream products.

Royalty Group’s approach to cannabis is designed to better meet the needs of customers and patients who seek a modern, clean, safe and professionally managed facility for obtaining quality products. General differentiation’s that will appeal to adult consumer customers and patients will include the following:

HIGHER QUALITY & VARIETY OF PRODUCTS The key to higher sales and business popularity lies within the quality and variety of products offered. Customer buying patterns have revealed that customers prefer to have a wide variety of “base” and “exotic” strands to choose from. Our management team will focus on selecting, testing, and distributing safe, high-quality cannabis grown with organic processes. Cannabis will be rigorously tested for contaminants, to determine potency, and medicinal properties.

SERVICE ORIENTATION Aside from offering a wide variety of strains in different forms such as concentrates and edibles, we are offering top-notch customer service is a highly effective way of combating competition. Our staff will be comprised of industry professionals who are local, well educated on best standards and practices and are capable of providing the highest quality of care. Our company is dedicated to service quality and providing a high degree of information to adult use consumers and medical consumers alike, in a professional manner and/or private consulting setting.

FOCUS ON CUSTOMERS NEEDS Royalty Group emphasizes on lifestyle branding for adult use consumers and health and healing for the medicinal consumers —not the drug culture. We are a member-focused community of business professionals whose mission is to give adult use consumers a variety of products with a choice in branding from Royalty Group’s Tree Star brand and help our patients heal, obtain safe medicine, and achieve the highest possible quality of life with our innovative developed products.

RELIANCE ON INFORMATIVE MERCHANDISING Royalty Group will take a personalized approach to serving customers so service is tailored and matched to individual needs and wants. This includes giving customers a variety of choices in neatly arranged cases, product display utilizing electronic applications for scanning for information or product purchasing, sales personnel to work with each individual on what we are offering and help them make their choices, packaging products in attractive and labeled informative containers, and allowing customers to see the product up close while making a purchase decision.

USE OF CURRENT TECHNOLOGY We will utilize point-of-sale software and bar/coding technology to help manage its transactions, accounts, security, and track inventory. This technology provides more information and personalized control to help us make informed decisions about how to better serve patients. All retail locations will have hands on sales personnel with tablets that contain all products, product information and ordering capabilities. A customer can order all their products with a sales representative on the tablet and then go to the cashier counter and have their products there waiting for them and all that is left to do is pay for the purchase.